Dhrupad is a living music tradition originated in India, referred to as the original form of Nada Yoga (the Yoga of Sound).  It is an inner experience of rendering sound which invites us to dive into each note as if it were an ocean.  It is a journey from note to note, uncovering hidden pathways until finally unveiling the entire spectrum of color, from Earth to sky.

Whether you'd like to develop your own meditative vocal practice, experience the health benefits of activating your voice, and/or develop artistic and technical skill, Dhrupad vocal classes provide a framework for all levels and interests.

Course Focuses:


Lessons provide a platform from which you can explore the sound and range of your own voice while tuning into the natural harmonics of the Tanpura.


Experience, learn and develop your own interpretations of Ragas (melodic/micro-tonal modes, each associated with a specific time of day and season to depict a certain mood) 

Play within the frame of various rhythm cycles 


Learn traditional compositions of poetry in Vrindabasha (an ancient language close to Sanskrit) passed on from generation to generation since the 15th Century.  


Practice the art of improvisation

Enjoy the benefits of an increased breath capacity, postural alignment, vocal range and creative possibilities.

Private and Group lessons by appointment

Please contact Liela for more information:

email:  danselavoix@gmail.com

tel:  +49 17 8 62 70 557

Evening Raga Bhupali Dhrupad Recital

Performance excerpt, September 2017

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