From tradition to experimentation

Here you will find samples of my vocal practice branching out from the influence of Dhrupad raga music to form new improvisation based experimental voicescapes in collaboration with contemporary artists.

Experimental Vocals 

with Sound Installation artist Arthur Zerktouni, October 2019

Stillness Sounds

Contemporary Vocal Improvisation

Performance research with vocalist and movement artist, Sofia Liebermann

March 2019

Resonant Body Experiment

The result of a creative research project inquiring into the role of the body in vocal sound production.  Led by questions such as: is it the movement inspires the sound? or the sound inspires the movement?  An Inquiry into moments of conversion, where the two meet and become a simultaneous, spontaneous happening.

Created with sound artist Gorka and butoh dancer Honza Svasek

Subbody Butoh School 2016

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